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Summertime and the living is easy...really?

I was walking in the garden this morning looking at the white spot fungus on the kale plants and knowing I will have to pull out all the infected plants.  That loss is minor as I remember stories my clients have told me this week about tragic losses of animals -- murders and mistakes.  And then there are two more friends who are dying of cancer presently.  My heart aches to know they will probably be gone by the time winter comes.

When I wonder about ease and dis-ease I remember to use my breath as an anchor for the inevitable arising of fear.  In...out.  My breathing pace provides a steady structure where the spin of emotional reactivity can slow down, maybe even rest in one of the spaces between the inhale and exhale.  Easy, easy breathing into the changes, the disappearance of vibrant life, the end of so many precious moments.  Not trying to make some ultimate meaning, just allowing the ebb and flow of beginnings and endings.

Stillness and silence begin to settle the thinking circus.  I begin to pull out my dear little kale plants.

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