Services Offered

 Types of Therapy:




            During a typical psychotherapy session we spend 50 minutes together…talking… listening…thinking…contemplating quietly…acting out a solution…rehearsing… reprocessing…evaluating what’s working.  The first session is spent on personal history and your intention for seeking  therapy at this time.  We determine short and long term goals.  You may choose a brief therapy approach of no more than 10-20 sessions, or you may leave the time span indefinite.  Your choice depends on the nature of your initial problem, and your financial resources.

            My fee is based on the prevailing community rate of $150 per 45-50 minute session.    Fees for billing insurance are higher.  Ask me for details if you think you may qualify for a sliding fee scale.  You are expected to pay your insurance co-pay or full fee for the session at time of service with cash or check. 

            You must pay in full for late cancellations and missed appointments. Anything less than 33 hours is too late for me to offer that time to another client.

            Fees for other services will be pro-rated on my hourly fee.  Such services may include phone calls longer than five minutes, psychological testing and reports, hospital visits, or consultation with other professionals (physicians, lawyers, etc.).

            My office hours are by appointment only.  Phone consultations are billed at the same hourly rates.

            I am unable to provide 24 hour emergency service, but I try to check my answering service frequently.  You can leave a message any time of day or night.  In case you cannot reach me during a crisis, please call 911 and ask for a mental health crisis worker.

Please turn off cell phones during the session.

Treatments provided for:
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Alcohol and substance abuse or dependence
  • Anxiety disorders, including panic attacks
  • Bipolar depression
  • Depression, dysthymia (low grade long term depression)
  • Gay or /lesbian issues
  • Personality disorders
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Psychological testing
  • Sexual disorders
  • Substance abuse/dependence
  • Women's Issues
  • Dream analysis/visualization
  • Sports performance

Fees and Appointments:  Please call for specifics of your situation.  Find out your copay from your insurance company before you come.
  • Many insurances, i.e. Blue Cross, Pacificsource, EBMS, ODS
  • Medicare
  • Sliding-scale if your annual income is under $20,000