Tuesday, February 11, 2014

To love is to listen

  So many legends about how St. Valentine got hooked up with lovers, the one I like best being that he "secretly married couples so that the husbands wouldn’t have to go to war." (Wikipedia)  Regardless, the wonderful result has been the celebration of love, the quality that makes the world go round.  If we bypass the commercialization of this holiday (as we try to do for all the other holidays that  the consumption model of economics has tried to undermine with monetary meaning), we can actually enjoy a day when we stop to honor love, in and of itself.  Love is here right now if we listen carefully, watch without judgment and comparison.  Even if a person is alone, by quiet listening to the beating of the heart, feeling the whisper of the breath, one can tune into the infinite connections between the body and the earth.   Air, food, clothes, shelter, fuel...these components of life hook us into the larger picture of other human beings and our planet no matter how "local" we may try to be.  Our necessities make us necessary to each other.  Love is this web of conditions which inextricably link every molecule. We are in relationship every moment.  So, let's relax into the celebration.  Love the one you're with, even if it's just you, or the birds in the yard, or the clerk at the store, or your significant other, or the unlimited number of beings who make your life possible in this very moment.