Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lost my android phone during a gorgeous bike ride around Crater Lake yesterday.  What a great opportunity to watch monkey mind go wild.  Watching criticism, fear, and worry jump about the synapses.  Will anyone find it and return it?  Why did I carry it in an open pocket?  Is it broken, did it bounce off into the woods?  Etc.  So I breathe, smile softly, and allow for the mind to relax from the tight constriction of such thoughts.  My attachment to my predictable patterns of wanting life to be different than what happens is laid bare.  In order to remain open to each moment and not get lost in judgment about the past or concern about the future I use "RAIN."  Recognize the grab of emotion and mental noise when it arises,  Allow for the natural tendency of such a reaction in the techno world we live in,  Investigate what is real about the emotions and thoughts and what is only story that I am spinning about the loss.  Finally, the fourth step is to Not-identify with the swirl of obsessive thinking.  RAIN was developed by the teachers at Spirit Rock,
May you all be blessed the the soft wash of RAIN whenever you need it.