Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It is couple of days before Valentine's Day which is named after the saint who married couples against the law and who healed the daughter of his jailer with loving care.  The sun is out but snow is in the forecast.  Little sprouts of Spring are tentatively emerging in my yard.  I have been thinking about the Love that winds its way through all of creation.  So easy to forget that Love is the primal ingredient of every day and yet so impossible not to see how Love is the essential element of the formula.  We are brought up on notions about love that trivialize its powerful force.  We might still think that love is what we feel only for the significant others in our lives.  But "true love" is so much deeper than the affection and infatuation of romantic love.  At least romantic love is a bit of a start for opening our hearts, but sadly we often contract and end up with a more closed heart in the midst of a romantic love.  True love is showing up for ourselves and each other with no thought of what we might get in return.  True love is the quiet presence of witnessing this mystery of being.  Oh words.  Here's link to a lovely TED talk: